VOZITEL General Security Policy

VOZITEL considers vitally important to ensure the Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Auditability of the information in any of it forms. This commitment extends to all aspects involved in the treatment of data, and will be reflected in the mechanisms of physical security and logical security implemented, as well as in the rules, procedures and political-corporate controls.

Access to information by VOZITEL staff is limited only to the data and resources needed for the performance of their duties, with special emphasis on compliance with current legislation associated with the information society and the protection of personal information

VOZITEL considers that the commitment with the information security is extendable and required from suppliers and external partners, who, like employees, have the responsibility to collaborate in the improvement of information security management.

It is the objective of VOZITEL to guarantee security in the service provided to its clients, applying the guidelines mentioned in this policy and providing the necessary mechanisms and information on information security.