We understand that you may have questions, we are here to answer them.

How can a CallBot help me?

CallBots can eliminate waiting times, automate repetitive processes, free up your agents to do other tasks, and serve in multiple languages. But they can also reduce your costs between 60 and 80%; we have saved the best for last …

What are the differences between a CallBot and a Chat Bot?

The Chat Bot work through the internet, and the CallBots through the telephone line. If your clients’ main communication tool is the telephone, we will make it easy for them!

Can I use CallBots without having to change platforms?

Of course: our CallBots can be integrated with any platform, but it will be much easier for you to manage everything from Vozitel. Not only do we have a CRM tool, but we can also include the traffic and all the channels for you to contact your customers. Managing all in one is better, right?

How can I increase my productivity?

We can help you with that; we are sure and we show you some examples:

-The automatic dialer prevents an agent from having to dial each number manually, increasing productivity, the rate of calls per hour and eliminating human errors.

-Based on the rate of calls answered per hour, the predictive automatic dialer launches multiple simultaneous calls and delivers only the answered ones to the agent. This reduces waiting times for agents.

-The CRM centralizes the management of contacts in a company database, accessible at all times for the coordinators. It also schedules tasks, automatically performs those that allow it and eliminates manual management of agents.

-Massive campaigns allow you to filter databases and find out which contacts answer the phone in a certain time slot, among other things. In this way, agents can focus their efforts.

-The automated massive campaigns of SMS, e-mail, social messages and calls allow you to send information to all your clients without any effort. Very comfortable!

-CallBots automate processes that allow you to free your agents from performing repetitive tasks; so they can dedicate themselves to more productive tasks.

Do you have solutions for other sectors besides those indicated on the web?

Of course: our website has limited space, but our solutions are endless and can be adapted to any sector. Tell us what you do and we will help you get the most out of your work.

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