Leave it to the CallBots and save time and costs

We did it: delegate repetitive tasks, automate processes, optimize time and costs and avoid waiting times with your customers … At Vozitel we have a CallBots Configurator so that you can easily design your own Virtual Agent using macros, or CallBots prearranged and trained to perform specific tasks. And of course, to achieve cost savings of between 60 and 80%. And this is just the beginning …

Con los CallBots puedes conseguir entre un 60 y un 80% de ahorro en tu CC.

Reduce cost by up to 80%

When performing a certain and task, machines can be more effective and reduce cost by around 60 and 80%.


Optimise your resources by automating tasks

Leave the repetitive tasks to the callbots and assignn your agents to higher-value assets for your business.

tiempo restante

Save time and availability 24/7/365

Gain in efficiency, reduce the time allocated to each task, and reduce waiting times. In addition, callbots are available 24/7/365.

No matter what you do for a living,
we can certainly help you…

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Lánister: manage debt collection Reclamation of periodic debt; implementation and monitoring of payment commitments; deferment plans....
Iris: adapts to your business needs Themis: collect personal data Hermes: enables payment by voice Croni: process appointments and bookings

Do you think that’s all? There’s much more…


Compatible with the main technologies: Microsoft, Amazon, Google…


They speak more than 30 languages.

Sending e-mails and SMS

Natural language spoken and written.

Call transcription

In real time.

Speech Analytics

Certification of classifications and conversations.

PCI DSS certification

Regulates the storage, processing or transmission of sensitive data.

Everything in the cloud…

On top of that, our Callbots are integrated with a combination of proprietary technology (Vozitel) and the best of every conversational technology on the market.

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Many already trust us…

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