Sales and Telemarketing

Same effort, higher reward

Getting more out of your sales and marketing campaigns and increasing your conversion rate, can be as simple as having the right resource . And here comes the good news, at Vozitel we have enough infrastructure, technology and experience to achieve this: process automation, real-time information, maximum customization… It’s not luck. It is a job well done.

Your business has a lot to gain:


Accelerate your leads transformation and react quicker to a sale.

With our Lead Management tools we can help you get a higher conversion.


Maximize the performance and contact rates of your campaigns.

Automate the relevant messages for your potential customers, and send them through their preferred channels.


Have information in real time on the behavior of your customers.

So you can reaffirm your strategy, qualify it or change it; Information is power.


Generate more sales by taking advantage of automation.

Extract recordings of your calls and data; this way you can understand the behavior of your customers and improve your messages and offers.


Increase your sales with our pool numbering.

Associate different cookies with the phone numbers for your online sales; so you can track the navigation of each customer and know their interests. Can you imagine how much your sales could improve?