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Great for your customers, great for you

Efficiency and time savings for you, and quality of service for your customers. At Vozitel, we have CallBots that will help you automate processes such as managing appointments, reminders … Better is great!

Many customers already trust us:

Get a headstart:


Manage appointments through our CallBots

Get a more efficient customer experience and free up your agents to address priority situations.


Automate your reminders

Our platform has the tools and technology capable of freeing up your team, saving time and increasing their productivity.


Load your databases easily and safely

Upload your supplier or centre data and manage your leads easier. Isn’t that cool?


Streamline the customer appointment process

We have integrations and client identifications so that you reduce your appointment closing times.

And not only that, we can offer you more:


Everything in one platform.

We are CRM. And virtual PBX. And multichannel, and telemarketer. And the only one to offer you CallBots in Spain. Why not better?


Process automation, save time!

We help you manage your processes automatically and simplify task management so you can focus on what is important.


Better interaction and commitment with your customers.

We guarantee agility and organisation in your communications with them. We give the best of us so that you give the best of you.


Personalised customer experience.

Anticipate your customer’s needs through their history and create more personal communication with them.


More productivity, more savings.

Analyse the productivity of your agents in real time and increase it. We have the tools to increase your efficiency, and the technology to reduce costs by up to 80%. (Yes, 80%!).


Comprehensive communication management.

Communicate with your customers however you prefer; we have all the channels: chat, e-mail, SMS, telephone, social networks, etc. Adapting has never been so easy.

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