Leave it to the CallBots and save time and costs

We achieved it: delegate repetitive tasks, automate processes, optimize time and costs and avoid waiting times with your clients … At Vozitel we have a CallBots Configurator so that you can easily design your own Virtual Agent using macros, or CallBots prearranged and trained to perform specific tasks. And of course, to achieve cost savings of between 60 and 80%. And this is just the beginning …

Between 60 and 80% savings.
Always available: 24/7/365.
They speak more than 30 languages.
Eliminate waiting times.

Can we help you? Of course we can:


To reduce costs


In certain tasks, machines can be more efficient and save us costs. Specifically, between 60 and 80%.


To optimize resources


Allocate your resources to tasks that generate value, leave repetitive tasks to machines and avoid human failure.


And to save time


Gain efficiency, reduce the times assigned to each task and avoid waiting times with your clients.

Do you think this is it? There is a lot more…

Interfaz de Vozitel (CallBots)
Total availability

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Compatible with the main technologies on the market: Microsoft Bot Framework, Amazon Lex, Google Dialog Flow …

Inmediate attention

Waiting times are numbered.

Simultaneous attention

Ability to serve an unlimited number of people at the same time.

E-mail and SMS sending

Natural language used.

Call transcription

In real time.

Speech Analytics

Classification and conversation certificate.


More than a hundred languages ​​for text translation, and thirty for voice translation.

PCI DSS compliance

International security regulations for storage, processing or transmission of sensitive authentication data.

No matter what you do, we can surely help you.
Debt Recovery
Customer Service Agenda management; consultation of order status; schedule and cancellation of appointments; geopositioning and proximity of centers.
Telemarketing Legal