Debt Collection

Manage your debt with the most efficient tool

Is small debt recovering slow and unprofitable? Let our CallBots do it. Armed with Artificial Intelligence they can decrease your default rate and obtain better results; They are here to help you make your job easier. They can even cut your costs between 60 and 80%. Can you ask for more?

Your business has a lot to gain:


React quickly and accelerate the debt recovery.

Our Lead Management tools can qualify and distribute your portfolio in a more agile way.


Increase debt recovery.

Leave it to our CallBots and let your agents work on solving other situations.


Maximize the performance of your campaigns and contact rates.

With Vozitel you will be able to find relevant messages for your potential clients, and send them through their preferred channels.


Generate more collection.

Our automation processes will allow you to obtain call recordings that will help you understand better the behavior of your customers. So you can further tailor your messages and offers.


Optimize your contact process with our “Is at home” service.

Through massive campaigns we detect if the client has picked up the phone. If so, we call him again via progressive from a different number (dynamic numbering).