Better lead conversion? Is possible.

Our CRM has all the solutions to transform leads in sales in an even more efficient way. Can you ask for more? Of course: Cloud services, Speech Analytics; creation of workflows and automation of tasks; management of the commercial pipeline; productivity control, external reporting… And also, integrable with your current platform.

Can we help you? Of course we can:


To automate processes.

We are a comprehensive call center solution, and we have the technology and resources to combine tasks, simplify processes and obtain maximum efficiency.


To monitor in real time.

Call data, agent productivity and hundreds of specialized reports in real time. Select a specific moment or a period of time and you will be able to consult it instantly. This way you will control the quality of the calls and the productivity of your agents.


To manage communications comprehensively.

We integrate and manage all the channels of contact with your clients: chat, e-mail, SMS, telephone, social networks …


To control the productivity of your team.

Routing to the most appropriate agent, call quality control, recordings, listening functionality, real-time reports, monitoring of employee productivity, and distribution of workload. Everything controlled!

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